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327th Fighter Group

Constituted as 327th Fighter Group on 24 Jun 1942. Activated on 25 Aug 1942. Assigned to First AF. Became part of the air defense force and also served as an operational training unit, using P-40's until Feb 1943 when they were replaced by P-47's. In 1944 began training replacement pilots for combat duty. Disbanded on 10 Apr 1944.

Reconstituted and redesignated 327th Fighter Group (Air Defense), on 20 Jun 1955. Activated on 18 Aug 1955. Assigned to Air Defense Command and equipped with F-86's.

Squadrons. 323d: 1942-1944; 1955-. 324th: 1942-1944. 325th: 1942-1944; 1955-. 443d: 1943-1944.

Stations. Mitchel Field, NY, 25 Aug 1942; Philadelphia Mun Aprt, Pa, 27 Aug 1942; Richmond AAB, Va, c. 22 Sept 1942-10 Apr 1944. Truax Field, Wis, 18 Aug 1955-.

Commanders. Col Nelson P Jackson, unkn; Lt Col Frederick Nelander, unkn. Col Oris B Johnson, 1955-.

Campaigns. American Theater.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Or, the head of the mythical Gorgon Medusa affronte azure, armed gumes. Motto: Ne Deficit Animus - Courage Does Not Fail Me. (Approved 27 Feb 1943. This insigne was replaced 16 May 1958.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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