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341st Bombardment Group

Constituted as 341st Bombardment Group (Medium) on 14 Aug 1942. Activated in India on 15 Sep 1942. Equipped with B-25's. Entered combat early in 1943 and operated chiefly against enemy transportation in central Burma until 1944. Bombed bridges, locomotives, railroad yards, and other targets to delay movement of supplies to the Japanese troops fighting in northern Burma. Moved to China in Jan 1944. Engaged primarily in sea sweeps and attacks against inland shipping. Also bombed and strafed such targets as trains, harbors, and railroads in French Indochina and the Canton-Hong Kong area of China. Received a DUC for developing and using a special (glip) bombing technique against enemy bridges in French Indochina. Moved to the US in Oct 1945. Inactivated on 2 Nov 1945.

Redesignated 341st Bombardment Group (Light). Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 27 Dec 1946. Inactivated on 27 Jun 1949.

Squadrons. 10th: 1947-1949. 11th: 1942-1945. 12th: 1947-1949. 22d: 1942-1945. 490th: 1942-1945; 1947-1949. 491st: 1942-1945; 1947-1949.

Stations. Karachi, India, 15 Sep 1942; Chakulia, India, 30 Dec 1942; Kurmitola, India, Jun 1943; Kunming, China, 7 Jan 1944; Yangkai, China, 13 Dec 1944-unkn; Camp Kilmer, NJ, 1-2 Nov 1945. Westover Field, Mass, 27 Dec 1946-27 Jun 1949.

Commanders. Col Torgils G Wold, 15 Sep 1942; Col James A Philpott, 21 Sep 1943; Col Torgils G Wold, 2 Nov 1943; Col Morris F Taber, 23 Nov 1943; Col Joseph B Wells, 11 Apr 1944; Col Donald L Clark, c. 1 Dec 1944; Col James W Newsome, 16 Apr 1945-unkn.

Campaigns. India-Burma; China Defensive; China Offensive.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: French Indochina, 11 Dec 1944-12 Mar 1945.

Insigne. Shield: Per fess nebuly azure and argent a semee of stars in chief of the last, over all in pale a sheathed sword proper (white, silver gray shading and deep gray outlines), the rim of the sheath and winged hilt and pommel or (outline and detail deep gray); the blade entwined with a girdle of the last; the sword point downward between two bolts of lightning radiating upward gules; over all, in base a branch of olive vert, detail vein lin or. Motto: Pax Orbis Per Arma Aeria - World Peace through Air Strength. (Approved 5 Jun 1957.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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