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353rd Bomb Squadron

Pictured above is 237967 flown by Col. Bartholomew. Taken January 1944. This plane was flying upside down with 1000lb bombs. Damage taken when 2 B-17's of the 97th Bomb Group flew directly into the lead elements of the 301st.

"The Old Glory Wagon"

by S/Sgt. Wright Plummer, Jr.

She's the darling of the Air Corps

And the sweetheart of her crew,

She's the finest heavy bomber

That flies up in the blue.

She's sometimes temperamental

And sometimes kinda' slow,

But she's always sure to get you

Just where you want to go.

When you've got two engines feathered

And your wings are full of flak,

You know you needn't worry,

Your ship will get you back.

I want no golden chariot

To ride the heaven's scene

I'll go the way I know is safe,

In a proud old Seventeen!


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