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437th Troop Carrier Group

Constituted as 437th Troop Carrier Group on 15 Apr 1943. Activated on 1 May 1943. Trained with C-46 and C-47 aircraft for duty overseas with Ninth AF. Moved to England, Jan-Feb 1944, and began preparing for the Normandy invasion. Released gliders near Cherbourg early on 6 Jun 1944; flew follow-up missions on 6 and 7 Jun, carrying reinforcements of troops, antiaircraft pieces, ammunition, rations, and other supplies for 82nd Airborne Division; received a DUC for these actions in France. A detachment was sent to Italy in Jul 1944 for the invasion of Southern France in Aug; it dropped paratroops over the assault area on 15 Aug, flew a resupply mission on the following day, and then hauled freight to bases in Italy until it returned to England on 24 Aug. During the airborne attack on Holland, 17-25 Sep 1944, the group released gliders carrying troops and equipment, and flew several resupply missions to provide reinforcements. Moved to France in Feb 1945 for action during the air assault across the Rhine; each aircraft towed two gliders over the east bank and released them near Wesel on 24 Mar 1945. Flew numerous missions in Mar and Apr to carry gasoline, food, medicine, and other supplies to ground forces pushing across Germany. When not participating in one of the major airborne operations, the organization continually transported ammunition, rations, clothing, and other supplies, and evacuated wounded personnel to rear-zone hospitals. Evacuated prisoners of war and displaced persons to relocation centers after V-E Day. Returned to the US in Aug 1945. Inactivated on 15 Nov 1945.

Redesignated 437th Troop Carrier Group (Medium). Allotted to the reserve. Activated on 27 Jun 1949. Ordered to active duty on 10 Aug 1950. Moved to Japan in Nov 1950 and assigned to Far East Air Forces for duty in the Korean War. Used C-119's and C-46's to participate in the airlift between Japan and Korea from Dec 1950 to Jun 1952, transporting ammunition, rations, aircraft parts, gasoline, and other items to Pusan, Taegu, Suwon, Kimpo, Pyongyang, and other bases in Korea, and evacuating wounded personnel to hospitals in Japan. Dropped paratroops of 187th Regimental Combat Team at Munsan-ni in Mar 1951 and flew resupply and reinforcement missions in Apr and May. Supported the advance of Eighth Army into North Korea in Jun 1951. From Jan to Jun 1952, engaged chiefly in evacuating personnel on leave and in transporting replacements to the battle area. Relieved from active duty and inactivated in Japan, on 10 Jun 1952.

Allotted to the reserve. Activated in the US on 15 Jun 1952.

Squadrons. 83d: 1943-1945; 1949-1952; 1952-. 84th: 1943-1945; 1949-1952; 1952-. 85th: 1943-1945; 1949-1952; 1952-. 86th: 1943-1945; 1949-1950, 1951-1952.

Stations. Baer Field, Ind, 1 May 1943; Sedalia AAFld, Mo, 8 Jun 1943; Pope Field, NC, 10 Oct 1943; Baer Field, Ind, 29 Dec 1943-Jan 1944; Balderton, England, Jan 1944; Ramsbury, England, 5 Feb 1944; Coulommiers/Voisins, France, 25 Feb-Jul 1945; Baer Field, Ind, 15 Aug 1945; Marfa AAFld, Tex, 14 Sep-15 Nov 1945. Chicago-Orchard Aprt, Ill, 27 Jun 1949; Shaw AFB, SC, 14 Aug-16 Oct 1950; Brady AB, Japan, 8 Nov 1950-10 Jun 1952. O'Hare Intl Aprt, Ill, 15 Jun 1952-.

Commanders. Col Cedric E Hudgens, 1 May 1943; Col Donald J French, 12 Jun 1944-1945. Col John R Roche, 1950; Lt Col Edward H Nigro, Jan 1951; Lt Col George W Sutcliffe, Mar 1951; Lt Col Jack L Crawford Jr, 5 Sep 1951-10 Jun 1952.

Campaigns. World War II: American Theater; Rome-Arno; Normandy; Northern France; Southern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe. Korean War: CCF Intervention; 1st UN Counteroffensive; CCF Spring Offensive. UN Summer-Fall Offensive; Second Korean Winter; Korea Summer-Fall, 1952.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citation: France, [6-7] Jun 1944. Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation: 1 Jul 1951-[10 Jun 1952].

Insigne. On a yellow disk, within a narrow blue border and a narrow white border, a running "Minute Man" with rifle at high port, all in blue silhouette, in front of a pair of wings elevated and conjoined. (Approved 24 Nov 1953.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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