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64th Fighter Wing

Constituted as 3d Air Defense Wing on 12 Dec 1942 and activated the same day. Moved to Algeria in Feb 1943. Redesignated 64th Fighter Wing in Jul 1943. Served with Twelfth AF in the Mediterranean theater until Nov 1944. Moved to the European theater and continued operations until the war ended. Remained in Germany after the war as part of United States Air Forces in Europe. Inactivated on 5 Jun 1947.

Redesignated 64th Air Division (Defense). Activated in Newfoundland on Apr 1952. Assigned to Northeast Air Command.

Components. Groups. 27th Fighter: 1943, 1946-1947. 31st Fighter: 1943. 33d Fighter: 1943. 36th Fighter: 1945-1946. 52d Fighter: 1946-1947. 86th Fighter: 1943, 1945-1946, 1946-1947. 324th Fighter: 1943, 1945. 354th Fighter: 1945-1946. 355th Fighter: 1946. 363d Reconnaissance: 1945. 366th Fighter: 1945-1946. 370th Fighter: 1945. 404th Fighter: 1945. 406th Fighter: 1945-1946.

Squadrons. 59th Fighter: 1952-. 61st Fighter: 1953-. 79th Fighter: 1954-. 318th Fighter: 1953-1954.

Stations. Mitchel Field, NY, 12 Dec 1942-c. 7 Feb 1943; Oran, Algeria, 23 Feb 1943; Tunisia, Mar 1943; Licata, Sicily, c. 10 Jul 1943; Gela, Sicily, c. Aug 1943; Milazzo, Sicily, 1 Sep 1943; Frattamaggiore, Italy, 7 Oct 1943; Orbetello, Italy, Jun 1944; Santa Maria di Capua, Italy, 19 Jul 1944; St Tropez, France, 15 Aug 1944; Dole, France, 19 Sep 1944; Ludres, France, 3 Nov 1944; Nancy, France, 15 Jan 1945; Edenkoben, Germany, 1 Apr 1945; Schwabisch-Hall, Germany, 29 Apr 1945; Darmstadt, Germany, 7 Jul 1945; Bad Kissingen, Germany, 1 Dec 1945-5 Jun 1947. Pepperrell AFB, Newfoundland, 8 Apr 1952-.

Commanders. Col Robert S Israel Jr, 17 Dec 1942; Brig Gen John R Hawkins, 24 Jul 1943; Brig Gen Glenn O Barcus, 30 Apr 1944; Col Nelson P Jackson, 29 Jan 1945; Brig Gen Ned Schramm, Sep 1945; Col Henry W Dorr, c. 2 Jun 1946-c. Jun 1947. Col William S Magalhaes, 8 Apr 1952; Col Charles R Bond Jr, 12 Sep 1952; Col Charles B Downer, 20 May 1954; Col Joseph Myers, Feb 1955; Col Carroll W McColpin, 23 Jul 1955-.

Campaigns. Tunisia; Sicily; Naples-Foggia; Anzio; Rome-Arno; Northern France; Southern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Or, issuing from base a demi-sphere with line markings azure, snow capped, surmounted with a radar antenna, proper; in front of a representation of the Aurora Borealis argent, edges gules, in chief, surmounting the Aurora Borealis a stylized aircraft azure, in bend, with trailing flames proper. (Approved 8 Aug 1952.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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