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83rd Fighter Group

Constituted as 83rd Fighter Group on 18 Sep 1943 and activated on 25 Sep. Assigned to First AF. Served as a replacement training unit to train pilots for duty in P-47's. Disbanded on 10 Apr 1944.

Reconstituted, redesignated 83rd Fighter-Day Group, and assigned to Tactical Air Command, on 24 Feb 1956. Activated on 8 Jul 1956.

(This group is not related to an 83rd Pursuit Group (Interceptor) that was constituted on 13 Jan 1942; activated at New Orleans by Third AF on 9 Feb 1942; assigned the 301st, 302nd, and 303rd squadrons; and disbanded a few days later in order to bring AAF within the authorized number of pursuit groups.)

Squadrons. 448th: 1943-1944. 532d: 1943-1944; 1956-. 533d: 1943-1944; 1956-. 534th: 1943-1944; 1956-.

Stations. Richmond AAB, Va, 25 Sep 1943; Dover AAFld, Del, 22 Nov 1943-10 Apr 1944. Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC, 8 Jul 1956-.

Commanders. Lt Col Woodrow W Korges, 25 Sep 1943; Lt Col Ernest H Beverly, 23 Feb-10 Apr 1944. Maj Amos H Domberger II, Jul 1956-.

Campaigns. None.

Decorations. None.

Insigne. Shield: Per pile transposed azure and or; over all on an escutcheon per bend gules and medium blue, a bend embattled inverted, vert, fimbriated throughout argent; superimposed over the chief area of the escutcheon a stylized demi falcon bendwise, in profile, sable, his head and wings raised upward above the escutcheon; his eye gules, the falcon fimbriated throughout argent. (Approved 29 Mar 1957.)

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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