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Name Assigned
Lackey, Lester 1337th AFBU   
Lacko, Joe 803rd EAB    803rd B
Lacko, John 803rd EAB    803rd B
Laczko, Steve 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Ladd, Donald 803rd EAB    803rd A
Lamm, Walter 803rd EAB    803rd B
Lamont, Joseph 0th    549th
Lancaster, Jason 0th   
Landhuis, Vernon 0th   
Lang, William 0th   
Laniauskus, Peter 803rd EAB    803rd C
Lanier, Fulton 1330th AFBU   
Larkin, Ralph 803rd EAB    803rd A
Larsen, Christian 803rd EAB    803rd B
Larsen, Hartwig 22nd TPG    78th
Latta, William 803rd EAB    803rd C
Laubacher, Benjamin 1325th AFBU   
Lawler, J 803rd EAB    803rd B
Lawrence, Robert 335th BG    476th
Lawton, Frederick 0th   
Lear, John 1328th AFBU   
Lear, Ralph 803rd EAB    803rd C
Ledwith, James 803rd EAB    803rd A
Lee , Harmon 803rd EAB    803rd
Lee, James 0th FRG   
Leggett, James 803rd EAB    803rd Bn Staff
Lemelin, Albert 803rd EAB    803rd C
Lengel, John 1352nd AFBU   
Leonard, John 803rd EAB    803rd A
Leonard, William 1337th AFBU   
Leone, Donato 803rd EAB    803rd B
LePine, Wilfred 30th TPG   
Levi, Marshall 1337th AFBU   
Levine, Morris 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Levy , Melville 803rd EAB    803rd B
Lewis, George 0th   
Lewis, William 0th   
Liberato, Alfred 803rd EAB    803rd B
Liggett, Ephrain 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Liljergen, Dale 0th   
Lineberger, Robert 1328th AFBU   
Linnane, Joseph 346th BG    461st
Lipinski, Gustov 803rd EAB    803rd B
Lipman, Aaron 0th BG    BS
Lock, Harry 0th FRG   
Lofland, John 1352nd AFBU   
Logedon, Joseph 24th CpG    344th
Loika, Peter 803rd EAB    803rd C
Long, Lester 0th   
Long, Robert 2nd FRG    27th
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