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I Tactical Air Division

Constituted as IV Air Support Command on 21 Aug 1941. Activated on 3 Sep 1941. Redesignated IV Ground Air Support Command in Apr 1942, IV Air Support Command in Sep 1942, III Tactical Air Division in Aug 1943, and I Tactical Air Division in Apr 1944. At various times, supervised heavy bomber flights to Hawaii, gave air support to ground units in training, participated in air-ground maneuvers, and put on air support demonstrations. Inactivated on 22 Dec 1945. Disbanded on 8 Oct 1948.

Components. (Omitted because of large number and frequent changes.)

Stations. Fresno, Calif, 3 Sep 1941; Hamilton Field, Calif, 11 Sep 1941; Presidio of San Francisco, Calif, Feb 1942; Thermal AAFld, Calif, Jan 1943; Camp Young, Calif, c. Sep 1943; Thermal AAFld, Calif, c. 15 Dec 1943; Esler Field, La, Apr 1944; Alexandria AAFld, La, Sep 1945; Barksdale Field, La, c. 16 Nov 1945; Biggs Field, Tex, c. 23 Nov-22 Dec 1945.

Commanders. Col Robert C Candee, Sep 1941; Lt Col Errol H Zistel, 27 Dec 1941; Brig Gen Jacob H Rudolph, 11 Apr 1942; Lt Col James R Gunn Jr, 23 Jan 1943; Col Clarence E Crumrine, 16 Feb 1943; Col Aubrey W Scholfield, 9 Nov 1943; Lt Col John T Shields, 18 Dec 1943; Brig Gen Ford L Fair, 24 Dec 1943; Col Charles G Chandler Jr, 1 May 1945; Col Joseph W Baylor, 15 Aug 1945-unkn.

Campaigns. American Theater.

Decorations. None.

Data from Air Force Combat Units of World War II By Maurer, Maurer, Published 1986


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