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Songs of the WASP

The WASP Song

words & music by Loes Monk, 43-W-8

With the wind and the sand in our eyes
And our goal placed up high in the skies
We are the WASPS who serve the Air Corps so true,
We're coming, just watch us ZOOM...down upon you!
On through the storm and the sun
Fly on till our mission is done
From factory to base, let the WASPS set the pace,
We're a thousand strong!

Hymn to Avenger

In the land of crimson sunsets,
Skies are wide and blue,
Stands a school of many virtues,
Loved by old and new.
'neath old glory's banners waving
We fly from dawn till dust,
In God's hand our futures tarry,
And in Him we trust.
Gone before are many daughters,
To carry on her name,
May we live in faith and honor,
Yet to bring her fame.
Long before our duty's ended,
A mem'ry you shall be,
In our hearts we pledge devotion,
Avenger Field to thee!

Buckle Down, Fifinella

Tune: "Buckle Down, Winsocki"

Buckle down, Fifinella, buckle down,
You can win, Fifinella, if you'll buckle down,
You can really fly, if you'll only try,
Take it way up high and bring it down.
Six to go, Fifinella, don't be slow,
Stay an eager beaver, you'll be in the show.
Don't get in a spin, take it on the chin,
And you're bound to win, If you will only buckle down.
If you fight, your luck will not retreat,
If you work, you'll overcome defeat,
Buckle down, Fifinella, buckle down,
Don't you frown, Fifinella, You'll get off the ground,
We'll count every day and we'll make it pay,
For we're here to stay,
Because we're gonna buckle down!

 Songs of the WASP


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