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An Army WACIn May 1942, the WAAC (Women's Auxiliary Army Corps) was established. In 1943, the Auxiliary was dropped and it became simply the WAC - Women's Army Corps. Among the various Army commands, the Army Air Forces had been the first to employ WAACs/WACs and also led in field strength of WAC units. Nearly half of the 100,000 WACs serving during WWII were attached to the Army Air Forces. WACs attached to the AAF were known as "AirWACs." The job of a WAC was to "free a man to fight," and so WACs served in almost every capacity except for combat. They were stationed as far away as North Africa, England, India, Australia, France, and the Pacific.

The Army was ill prepared to design women?s garments when the WAAC was founded in 1942. Throughout the war, the women frequently had ill-fitting items, and many women resorted to wearing men's gear. WACs were issued a variety of dress uniforms, work and cold weather gear, and field gear. Extensive information on WAAC/WAC uniforms, along with many photographs, are provided in the links below.

WAC/WAAC Uniforms and Insignia (many photos and descriptions -


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