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What's Your AF IQ? Vol.10

Test your knowledge, take the following test containing a few of the questions from the magazine "Flying Cadet - Aviation for Student Airmen".

1. The one element of difference between true course and true heading is:
(a) Drift
(b) Deviation
(c) Variation
(d) Inclination

2. Trophosphere is:
(a) the area between 10° North and 10° South of the equator
(b) Days of the year when the mean temperature is above 32°F
(c) The layer in the atmosphere in which we live.
(d) Atmosphere from approximately 5 miles to 20 miles above the surface of the earth.

3. Water vapor in the air usually amounts to approximately:
(a) 1/10 of 1%
(b) 1%
(c) 8%
(d) 22%

4. If you find, by consulting your map and clock that you have traveled 176 miles in 66 minutes, your ground speed is approximately:
(a) 116 M.P.H.
(b) 266 M.P.H.
(c) 194 M.P.H.
(d) 160 M.P.H.


1. (a) Drift.

2. (c) The layer in the atmosphere in which we live.

3. (b) 1%

4. (d) 160 M.P.H.


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