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Air Forces IQ Test Number 11.

1. With one exception, planes of all the following types are being made (1943) by the same manufacturer.
a. Devastator
b. Skytrain
c. Havoc
d. Mustang
e. Dauntless
f. Skymaster

2. The principal function of the horizontal stabilizer is to:
a. provide longitudinal stability
b. correct any tendencies to yaw
c. provide lateral stability
d. compensate for the effects of torque

3. The purpose of the tachometer is to indicate:
a. the rpm of the engine
b. the airspeed of the plane
c. rate of change in altitude
d. oil temperature

4. Isobars on a chart:
a. indicate points of equal elevation
b. describe the time zones
c. indicate barometric pressures
d. indicate points of equal magnetic variation.


1. (D) Mustang. Made by North American. All other A/C made by Douglass.
2. (A) Provide longitudinal stability.
3. (A) The rpm of the engine.
4. (C) Indicate barometric pressures.


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