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What's Your AF IQ ? Vol. 2

Following are the questions and answers to our extract questionnaire from AIR FORCE magazine. Test your knowledge.

What's Your Air Force I.Q?
From Air Force, May, 1944

Test your knowledge, take the following test containing a few of the questions from the May 1944, "AIR FORCE".

1. The Japanese aircraft popularly referred to as a Betty is a:
a. Single-engine fighter
b. Four-engine bomber
c. Twin-engine fighter
d. Twin-engine bomber

2. Bowman Field is located nearest to: 
a. Bowmanville, Ark
b. Louisville, Ky
c. El Paso, Tx
d. Reno, Nev.
3. The Commanding General of the 5th Air Force is:
a. MG Nathan Twining
b. LG George Kenney
c. MG Howard Davidson
d. MG Willis Hale

4. In nautical miles the distance from Hickam Field, Hawaii to Tarawa is approximately:
a. 3,200 miles
b. 1,000 miles
c. 4,800 miles
d. 2,100 miles

5. The Messerschmitt M-210 is a:
a. Four-engine bomber
b. Twin-engine fighter-bomber
c. Single-engine fighter
d. Four-engine transport plane

6. An air mile represents the same distance in feet as a mile measured on the ground:
a. True
b. False

7. On the command "Fall In," it is not necessary to come to attention until the order "Attention" is given:
a. True
b. False


1. (d) Twin-engine bomber.

2. (b) Louisville, Kentucky.

3. (b) Lieutenant General George C. Kenney.

4. (d) 2100.

5. (b) Twin-engine fighter-bomber.

6. (b) False. An air mile is 6,080 feet; a land mile is 5,280 feet.

7. (b) False.

How did you score?


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