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Test Your Air Force IQ ? Vol 3

Following are the questions and answers to our extract questionnaire from AIR FORCE March 1943 Magazine. Test your knowledge.

What's Your Air Force I.Q?
From Air Force, March 1943

1. What is a line squall?:
a. An argument on the line
b. A slowly moving weather front
c. Heavy storms, particularly in the summer.
d. An intense cold front accompanied by storms.

2. The proper procedure for an emergency water landing is: 
a. Gear up and no flaps
b. Gear down and no flaps
c. Gear up and flaps
d. Gear down and flaps

3. Luke Field is located near:
a. St. Luke's Arizona
b. Amarillo, Texas
c. Phoenix, Arizona
d. Fort Worth, Texas

4. The Messerschmidtt 110 is a:
a. Single seat, two engine fighter
b. Single seat, single engine fighter
c. Two seat, two engine fighter
d. Multi-place, four engine bomber

5. Four minutes of time equals:
a. One degree of longitude
b. One minute of longitude
c. 15 degrees of longitude
d. 360 degrees of longitude

6. the newly adopted popular designation for the B-26 is the:
a. Mitchell
b. Liberator
c. Marauder
d. Havoc


1. (d) Intense cold front accompanied by storms.

2. (a) Gear up and no flaps.

3. (c) Phoeniz, Arizona.

4. (c) Two seat, two engine fighter.

5. (a) One degree of longitude.

6. (c) Marauder.

How did you score?


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