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Test Your Air Force IQ - Vol 4

What's Your Air Force I.Q?
From Air Force

Test your knowledge, take the following test containing a few of the questions from the, "AIR FORCE" magazine.  Follow the link at the end to the website to get your answers.   

From Air Force, May 1943

1. When saluting a senior in rank, you should bring your hand down:
a. When six paces past the senior
b. Immediately, with precision
c. When you feel like it
d. When the salute has been returned

2. The cargo version of the B-24 is the:
a. C-56
b. C-87
c. C-78
d. C-54

3. The R.A.F. Bomber Command is headed by:
a. Air Marshal Sir Arthur T. Harris
b. Prime Minister, Winston Churchill
c. Lord Beaverbrook
d. Air Vice Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder

4. Which of these planes is best known as the Stuka dive bomber:
a. Heinkel 177
b. Junkers 87
c. Focke-Wulf 190
d. Junkers 86

5. If you landed in Henderson field you would be in:
a. Cairo
b. Port Moresby
c. Guadalcanal
d. Honolulu

6. When a pilot is flying the "iron compass" he is:
a. Traveling by rail to a new station
b. Flying on instruments
c. Diving on tanks
d. Following a railroad track

Get the answers How Did You Score ?


1. (d) When the salute has been returned.
2. (b) C-87
3. (a) Air Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder
4. (b) Junkers 87
5. (c) Guadalcanal
6. (d) Following a railroad track


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