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What's Your AF IQ? Vol. 8

What's Your Air Force I.Q?

Test your knowledge, take the following test containing a few of the questions from the, "AIR FORCE" magazine.

1. When you "bracket the beam" you:
a. Maintain radio communication with a ground point.
b. Fly off the beam.
c. Navigate along the radio range from one twilight zone to the other.
d. Indicate a radio range on the map.

2. Finschafen is located in:
a. Northwestern Germany
b. Southern Denmark
c. Central Austria
d. Northeastern New Guinea

3. The abbreviation WASP stands for:
a. Women's Air Force Student Pilots
b. War Allotment Service Personnel
c. Women's Auxiliary Service Pilots
d. Women's Airforce Service Pilots

4. The caliber .50 aircraft machine gun has the high rate of fire of 800 shots per minute:
a. True
b. False


1. (c) Navigate along the radio range from one twilight zone to the other.
2. (d) Northwestern New Guinea.
3. (d) Women's Airforce Service Pilots.
4. (a) True.


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