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What's Your AF IQ? Vol.9

Test your knowledge, take the following test containing a few of the questions from the magazine "Flying Cadet - Aviation for Student Airmen".

1. The following list of names and designating numbers is garbled. Unscramble it placing the proper number with each name. P-38 Liberator; PB2Y Warhawk; F4F Thunderbolt; B-24 Wildcat; P-47 Lightning; P-40 Devastator; TBD Coronado.

2. The Navy calls it the SBD. When used by the Army it is known as the:
(a) A-20
(b) B-23
(c) A-24
(d) B-18
(e) P-51
(f) L-4-b

3. An airplane having a span of 40 feet and a mean chord of 5 feet has an aspect ratio of about:
(a) 8
(b) 200
(c) 4
(d) 16

4. "Roger" is a word used in radio communications.
(a) as a distress signal
(b) as a request to repeat the message
(c) as an acknowledgement
(d) to call the control tower

5. The reciprocal of a bearing of 45 degrees is:
(a) 145 degrees
(b) 315 degrees
(c) 225 degrees
(d) 90 degrees


1. P-38 Lightning
PB2Y Coronado
F4F Wildcat
B-24 Liberator
P-47 Thunderbolt
P-40 Warhawk
TBD Devastator

2. (c)A-24

3. (a) 8

4. (c) As an acknowledgement

5. (c) 225 degrees


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