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What's Your AF IQ ? Vol. 1

Following are the questions and answers to our extract questionnaire from AIR FORCE magazine. Test your knowledge.

July 1944 Issue

1. In ditching a B-17, the top turret gunner should place his guns facing
a. Backward
b. To the right
c. Forward
d. To the left

2. If an engine exhaust black smoke, it means that
a. The mixture in the carburetor is too rich
b. There is a leak in the exhaust stack
c. The mixture in the carburetor is too lean
d. There is an excessive air leak in the bleeds

3. The location of the 6th Air Force headquarters is
a. Hawaii
b. Alaska
c. The Canal Zone
d. The Solomons

4. A tandem airplane is a plane which has
a. More than two engines
b. Two seats, one behind the other
c. A retractable landing gear
d. Twin tail booms

5. Eglin Field is located in
a. Oklahoma
b. Texas
c. California
d. Florida

6. The E6B is
a. The night-fighter version of the P-38
b. A navigational computer
c. The military terminology used to refer to the 75mm gun in the B-25
d. An anti-aircraft gun

7. The approximate oil pressure in pounds per square inch necessary to feather a prop is
a. 150
b. 250
c. 400
d. 600


1. (c) Forward. To assist the pilot and co-pilot in leaving the plane.

2. (a) The mixture in the carburetor is too rich.

3. (c) The Canal Zone

4. (b) Two seats, one behind the other.

5. (d) Florida

6. (b) A navigational computer

7. (c) 400

So how did you do?


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