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Bugle Blast

For Immediate Release: January 25, 2021

It has happened again. Friday January 22 our facebook page has been shutdown, terminated, deleted by fb. No reason or warning given.

And now it has been restored after many days of frustration.

We don't know how long we will continue to put in daily effort on a website that causes these issues. To maintain touch with us please signup for our monthly e-newsletter at the bottom of this page. thank you!

For Immediate Release: October 9, 2020

Updated around Nov.1 our fb page magically reappeared.

Open Letter to All Veterans, Friends, Families, Citizens.

What would you say or think when two Non-Profits, the Army Air Corps Museum and the Sons of Liberty Museums facebook pages have been completely deleted? The personal accounts of the two admins who happen to be the organizations' executive directors also found the chopping block. There was no warning, no 'facebook jail' or suspension. None of our posts were fact checked only history in stories and photos enjoyed by our followers. This happened sometime Monday, Oct. 5, 2020.

Our slogans and mantra is "Saving Military History One Soldier at a Time" as we provide historical accounts of the men and women of all branches of service from the Revolutionary War to present day. We honor the service those 'Sons of Liberty' who have sworn an oath to defend the constitution and defend it against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

So what problem does facebook have with these two very patriotic and non-political organizations? What problem do they have with our veterans and their service?

These groups have been on facebook for over 10 years with no problems but in a blink of an eye they are gone as if they never existed; no reason given.

For years these Museums have had programs and exhibits at various civic events in North Texas including the symphony, veteran gala events, veteran organizational meetings and air shows. They provide programs for many schools teaching history to children about their ancestors. They have also exhibited at the Texas State Capitol in Austin.

With COVID these Museums have not been able to be in the public sphere and have lost one of their revenue streams.

On facebook they had thousands of followers in a very active feed. Many people viewed our monthly newsletter in that feed. A second revenue stream has disappeared. Additionally, many artifact donations occurred as a result of a first contact via facebook.

These Museums become the custodians of your family heritage and tell the history of Citizen Soldiers. We believe this is a very righteous mission; what say you?

So what made facebook spit on the Sons of Liberty Museum and the Army Air Corps Library and Museum? ....

Sound off America ..... Sound off patriots .....

We continue to send out our monthly e-newsletter and build upon our half-million web pages but we have lost touch with thousands of facebook followers if they are not on our newsletter list.

We need your support and you can do this in many ways.

1. Please forward this notice to all of your friends.
2. Please signup for our newsletter and get others to do so enabling us to maintain contact.
3. Please make a monetary donation.

We thank you for your support.
Robert Coalter, Jason Weigler.
Executive Directors


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