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Pictures of the memorabilia and artifacts found in our collection, donated to the AACLM by veterans and their families


 20th Airforce - Bomb Rack [Collection]

 25th Troop Carrier Squadron [Collection]

 5th Photo Recon [Collection]

 Abraham Burnstein [Collection]

 Alvin Munn [Collection]

 Andrew Dill Collection [Collection]

 Andrew Samela Collection [Collection]

 Andrew Sziich Collection [Collection]

 Andrew Tarapchak Collection [Collection]

 Anthony Zaleta [Collection]

 Art Delmore [Collection]

 Arthur Schodde [Collection]

 Bert Hays [Collection]

 Billie Delmar McGrew Collection [Collection]

 Brigadier General Kenneth Walker [Collection]

 Burton Cullum Collection [Collection]

 Carey G. Pope [Collection]

 Carl Morris [Collection]

 Carl Sokolow Collection [Collection]

 Carlos Wilcox Collection [Collection]

 Carlton Henley [Collection]

 Charles Binkley Collection [Collection]

 Charles Finneran [Collection]

 Charles John Loscato [Collection]

 Charles West Collection [Collection]

 Charlie Palmer Collection [Collection]

 Chester Sorenson [Collection]

 Chuck Hamlin Collection [Collection]

 Clarence L. Waters [Collection]

 Claude Sawyer [Collection]

 Clifford Schack [Collection]

 Clifford Smith Collection [Collection]

 Colonel Bing Kleine Collection [Collection]

 Curtis Gray Collection [Collection]

 David Terry [Collection]

 Delbert Chase [Collection]

 Donald B. Rude Collection [Collection]

 Donald Kilgore Collection [Collection]

 Donald Murphy [Collection]

 Doug Jenkinson [Collection]

 Edmond Braun [Collection]

 Edward Boardman [Collection]

 Edward Fox [Collection]

 Edward Larson Collection [Collection]

 Edwin Elmore [Collection]

 Edwin McConaughy [Collection]

 Eldon Hendricks Collection [Collection]

 Elmer Johnson Collection [Collection]

 Enoch Broyles [Collection]

 Forest Vosler Collection [Collection]

 Frank George Ingerling [Collection]

 Fred Hilger Collection [Collection]

 Fredrick Roll [Collection]

 Gene Turner [Collection]

 George Reaburn [Collection]

 George Yezbick [Collection]

 Gerard John Reis Collection [Collection]

 Gomer Wolf [Collection]

 Harold Dean Collection [Collection]

 Harold Hackett Collection [Collection]

 Harold K. Cox Collection [Collection]

 Harold Stickney [Collection]

 Harry Fox Collection [Collection]

 Harry Wachs [Collection]

 Henry Bridgham [Collection]

 Henry D. Chism Collection [Collection]

 Henry During [Collection]

 Herb Lee [Collection]

 Herbert Zwirn Collection [Collection]

 Hickam Highlights [Collection]

 Howard Coventon [Collection]

 Hugh Neisler Collection [Collection]

 Ike Trinkman [Collection]

 Jack Foster Collection [Collection]

 Jack O. Wilkinson Collection [Collection]

 Jackson Byers [Collection]

 James Appicie Collection [Collection]

 James Farrell Collection [Collection]

 James Maloney [Collection]

 James Zweizig Collection [Collection]

 Jason Campbell Collection [Collection]

 Jesse Auton [Collection]

 Jim Council Collection [Collection]

 John Angell [Collection]

 John Henderson [Collection]

 John LaRock [Collection]

 John Maniates [Collection]

 John Rose [Collection]

 John Ryan Collection [Collection]

 John Scarich Collection [Collection]

 John Sodowsky [Collection]

 Johnny Rainbolt [Collection]

 Joseph J. Lewanowicz Collection [Collection]

 Joseph Skrzypinski Collection [Collection]

 Kenneth Hedges Collection [Collection]

 Kenneth Sayre [Collection]

 Lamar Good [Collection]

 Leo R Henebury Collection [Collection]

 Leon Crane Collection [Collection]

 LeRoy Everett [Collection]

 Les Moorehead [Collection]

 Lewis Meriweather Combs Collection [Collection]

 Life Magazine Collection [Collection]

 Lloyd Nuttall Collection [Collection]

 Lt. Dunivent [Collection]

 Lt. Gay Randall Smith [Collection]

 Marion Karecki Collection [Collection]

 Mark H. Hitt Collection [Collection]

 Marshall Kottler Collection [Collection]

 Maurice E. Park Collection [Collection]

 Melvin Miller Collection [Collection]

 Military History Documents [Collection]

 Omar Beardsley Collection [Collection]

 Orville C. Chandler Collection [Collection]

 Otis Hill Collection [Collection]

 Otto W. Buenting Collection [Collection]

 Paul Holmes [Collection]

 Paul Kupka Collection [Collection]

 Paul Leon Cook Collection [Collection]

 Paul Stryson Collection [Collection]

 Peter Navari [Collection]

 Philip Higgins [Collection]

 Ralph E. Jinnette Collection [Collection]

 Ralph Hedges [Collection]

 Ray Harold Nale Collection [Collection]

 Ray McKinley [Collection]

 Reid Waltman Collection [Collection]

 Richard David Edelman Collection [Collection]

 Richard Ganczak Collection [Collection]

 Robert G. Logie, Jr. Collection [Collection]

 Robert Gordon Collection [Collection]

 Robert Hankins [Collection]

 Robert Klingbail Collection [Collection]

 Robert Vrilakas Collection [Collection]

 Robert White [Collection]

 Rossie Rankin [Collection]

 Roy Spence [Collection]

 Roy Utter [Collection]

 Thomas Jefferson [Collection]

 Thurman Holder [Collection]

 Urho Salo [Collection]

 Vernon Elliott Collection [Collection]

 Walter Bubier Collection [Collection]

 Walter Edward Ruesch Collection [Collection]

 Walter J. Hanna Collection [Collection]

 Walter John Pajak Collection [Collection]

 Walter Skwarlo [Collection]

 Ward Fleming [Collection]

 Wayne Smith [Collection]

 Wayne Thurman Collection [Collection]

 Wayne Wertz Collection [Collection]

 William Buxton Collection [Collection]

 William Corsette [Collection]

 William Erny Collection [Collection]

 William Meek Collection [Collection]

 Willis McCrory [Collection]

 World War II Photos [Collection]

 Yank Magazines Collection [Collection]


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