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Name Assigned
Sexton, Raymond 30th TCG    304th
Seymour, Theodore 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Sgroe, Salvatore 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Shaffer, William 803rd EAB    803rd C
Shannon, Charles 12nd ASC    3rd ASCS
Shaw, John 0th   
Shea, Maurice 803rd EAB    803rd C
Shearer, William 0th    166th
Shearwood, Marvin 803rd EAB    803rd A
Sheen, David 134th AFBU   
Shellman, Kenneth 0th   
Sherry, Robert 0th   
Shields, Elson 0th   
Shilling, Roy 37th TPG    321st
Shimp, Herman 0th BG    BS
Shipman, Lee 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Short, Frederick 0th   
Short, mark 1504th AFBU   
Shorten, Arthur 0th BG    BS
Shove, Frank 0th    408th
Shultz, Roy 803rd EAB    803rd C
Siebert, Earl 803rd EAB    803rd HQS
Sielaff, Albert 1330th AFBU   
Sillsbee, Ellis 803rd EAB    803rd C
Simmons, Lewis 803rd EAB    803rd B
Simon, Harry 1328th AFBU   
Simon, Harry 1328th AFBU   
Simpson, Glen 803rd EAB    803rd A
Skwarczynski, Thaddeus 803rd EAB    803rd C
Slack, Torbert 0th    85th
Slamkowski, Barney 1337th AFBU   
Slaten, Elmer 0th    1st
Slater, Gordon 0th   
Sluman, Curtis 0th   
Small, Mitchell 0th   
Smith, Alwyn 0th   
Smith, Arthur 803rd EAB    803rd C
Smith, Buie 803rd EAB    803rd C
Smith, Carl 803rd EAB    803rd C
Smith, Clayton 1333rd AFBU   
Smith, Darby 803rd EAB    803rd C
Smith, Donald 803rd EAB    803rd A
Smith, George 0th   
Smith, John 0th    426th
Smith, Johnny 803rd EAB    803rd C
Smith, Nevin 803rd EAB    803rd B
Smith, Owen 104th AFBU   
Smith, Philip 803rd EAB    803rd C
Smith, Roscoe 30th TCG   
Smith, Roscoe 1352nd AFBU   
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