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Service Personnel From Carver County, Minnesota

Dahlke, Leander (Chaska)
Fritz, Philip (Chaska)
Fritz, Philip (Chaska)
Rehmann, George (Chaska)
Gehrig, Stanley (Cologne)
Abrahamson, Frederick (Minneapolis)
Adams, William (MINNEAPOLIS)
Adams, William (Minneapolis)
Adelman, Nicholas (Minneapolis)
Akerberg, Robert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Alexander, Cyrus (Minneapolis)
Alexander, Cyrus (Minneapolis)
Amireault, Damase (Minneapolis)
Amundson, Elden (Minneapolis)
Amundson, Elden (Minneapolis)
Anderson, Ancil (Minneapolis)
Anderson, George (Minneapolis)
Anderson, Gerald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Anderson, Gerald (Minneapolis)
Anderson, Gerald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Anderson, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Anderson, John (Minneapolis)
Anderson, Milton (MINNEAPOLIS)
Anderson, Ralph (MINNEAPOLIS)
Anderson, Vernon (Minneapolis)
Anderson, Victor (Minneapolis)
Anderson, Victor (Minneapolis)
Andreson, Harvey (Minneapolis)
Bacon, Sidney (Minneapolis)
Bahti, Lenus (Minneapolis)
Bailey, John (Minneapolis)
Baran, Theodore (Minneapolis)
Barnd, Robert (Minneapolis)
Baron, Michael (Minneapolis)
Baxter, Edwin (MINNEAPOLIS)
Beck, Ernest (Minneapolis)
Beck, Norman (Minneapolis)
Beczkalo, William (Minneapolis)
Beehler, Victor (Minneapolis)
Bell, Charles (Minneapolis)
Belleson, Wesley (Minneapolis)
Bendick, John (Minneapolis)
Benjamin, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Benjamin, Richard (Minneapolis)
Benjaminsen, Donald (Minneapolis)
Bergman, Howard (Minneapolis)
Bergquist, Ehrling (Minneapolis)
Bertram, Paul (Minneapolis)
Besmehn, Marvin (Minneapolis)
Besse, Bernard (Minneapolis)
Betcher, Alfred (Minneapolis)
Bethke, Gerald (Minneapolis)
Bikker, Glenn (Minneapolis)
Biorge, Erling (Minneapolis)
Black, William (Minneapolis)
Black, William (Minneapolis)
Blair, Samuel (Minneapolis)
Blanchard, Frank (Minneapolis)
Blascsyk, Bernard (MINNEAPOLIS)
Bloomquist, Willis (MINNEAPOLIS)
Bloomquist, Willis (Minneapolis)
Bloyd, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
Blum, Howard (Minneapolis)
Bodeman, John (Minneapolis)
Bolduc, Arthur (Minneapolis)
Bolstad, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Bonin, Dwight (Minneapolis)
Bonnell, Robert (Minneapolis)
Borne, Allan (Minneapolis)
Bosmans, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Boyce, Zane (Minneapolis)
Bra_, Earl (Minneapolis)
Brace, Earl (Minneapolis)
Braddock, William (Minneapolis)
Braddock, William (Minneapolis)
Brandt, Donald (Minneapolis)
Brody, David (MINNEAPOLIS)
Bronson, Kingsley (Minneapolis)
Bronson, Kingsley (Minneapolis)
Brooks, William (Minneapolis)
Brose, Clarence (Minneapolis)
Brown, Barton (Minneapolis)
Brown, Barton (Minneapolis)
Brown, Harold (Minneapolis)
Brown, Harry (Minneapolis)
Brown, Herbert (Minneapolis)
Brueckner, John (MINNEAPOLIS)
Buck, Herman (Minneapolis)
Buckley, John (Minneapolis)
Bundy, James (Minneapolis)
Burke, William (Minneapolis)
Burkness, Donald (Minneapolis)
Bush, Vinell (MINNEAPOLIS)
Busing, Charles (Minneapolis)
Butts, Donald (Minneapolis)
Cadwell, Sanford (Minneapolis)
Callahan, James (Minneapolis)
Campbell, Challinor (Minneapolis)
Campbell, Robert (Minneapolis)
Carlisle, William (Minneapolis)
Carlson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Carlson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Carlson, Victor (Minneapolis)
Carlson, Victor (Minneapolis)
Carnes, Rex (Minneapolis)
Carrier, Robert (Minneapolis)
Carriere, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Casey, Albert (Minneapolis)
Cashman, Paul (Minneapolis)
Cashman, Paul (Minneapolis)
Casserly, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Cedergren, Harold (Minneapolis)
Cedergren, Harold (Minneapolis)
Chatfield, Gene (Minneapolis)
Chrisidis, Anthony (Minneapolis)
Christensen, Dustan (Minneapolis)
Christian, Lewis (Minneapolis)
Christiansen, Frank (Minneapolis)
Chrysler, Robert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Clark, Thomas (Minneapolis)
Clayton, John (Minneapolis)
Cleworth, Brian (MINNEAPOLIS)
Clow, Harold (Minneapolis)
Co_co_an, Edward (MINNEAPOLIS)
Cogswell, Craig (Minneapolis)
Cohen, Alvin (Minneapolis)
Collins, Martin (Minneapolis)
Comiskey, George (Minneapolis)
Cooke, William (Minneapolis)
Cooper, Robert (Minneapolis)
Corcoran, Edward (Minneapolis)
Cotton, Willard (Minneapolis)
Couch, William (Minneapolis)
Cudgen, James (Minneapolis)
Dalton, Robert (Minneapolis)
Danaher, Robert (Minneapolis)
Daniels, William (Minneapolis)
Dassett, John (Minneapolis)
Date, Thomas (Minneapolis)
Day, James (Minneapolis)
De Luc, Francis (Minneapolis)
De St Croix, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
De Yoe, Eugene (Minneapolis)
Dellwo, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
Dillingham, Earl (Minneapolis)
Diracles, John (Minneapolis)
Dittrich, Robert (Minneapolis)
Dittrich, Robert (Minneapolis)
Dobrin, James (Minneapolis)
Doherty, John (MINNEAPOLIS)
Domnick, Adam (Minneapolis)
Dotyle, Robert (Minneapolis)
Dougherty, John (Minneapolis)
Doyle, Robert (Minneapolis)
Dreiman, Hart (Minneapolis)
Dubay, Elmo (Minneapolis)
Dunne, William (Minneapolis)
Duntley, John (Minneapolis)
Duran, Mike (Minneapolis)
Dybdahl, Norman (Minneapolis)
Dyer, George (Minneapolis)
Eames, Duane (Minneapolis)
Edberg, Ralph (Minneapolis)
Egan, Costney (Minneapolis)
Egan, Robert (Minneapolis)
Ehrlich, Robert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Eiddison, Henry (Minneapolis)
Eide, Richard (MINNEAPOLIS)
Ekman, Cecil (Minneapolis)
Elliott, Ronald (Minneapolis)
Elsenpeter, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Erickson, Raynold (Minneapolis)
Erickson, Robert (Minneapolis)
Erland, Cletus (Minneapolis)
Ezuck, Carl (Minneapolis)
Fallon, Donald (Minneapolis)
Farrell, George (Minneapolis)
Feldman, Alvin (Minneapolis)
Feldman, Robert (Minneapolis)
Fife, Robert (Minneapolis)
Fine, Paul (Minneapolis)
Fischer, James (Minneapolis)
Fish, Victor (Minneapolis)
Fitch, Earl (Minneapolis)
Flohr, Milton (Minneapolis)
Formanek, Arthur (Minneapolis)
Frampton, John (Minneapolis)
Franson, Deqan (Minneapolis)
Freeman, Harrison (Minneapolis)
Freiheit, Wilton (Minneapolis)
Furney, James (Minneapolis)
Gable, Kenneth (Minneapolis)
Gardiner, John (Minneapolis)
Gardner, Rolland (Minneapolis)
Gardner, Rolland (Minneapolis)
Garniss, Donald (Minneapolis)
Gerdes, Leonard (Minneapolis)
Gerzin, Walter (Minneapolis)
Golden, Everett (Minneapolis)
Goldman, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Goldstein, Max (MINNEAPOLIS)
Gonnella, Donald (Minneapolis)
Gooden, Robert (Minneapolis)
Goplen, Phillip (Minneapolis)
Goplen, Phillip (Minneapolis)
Gordier, Kenneth (Minneapolis)
Gosling, Paul (Minneapolis)
Gosling, Paul (Minneapolis)
Goulet, Wallace (Minneapolis)
Goulet, Wallace (Minneapolis)
Graff, Darrel (Minneapolis)
Grapp, Stanley (Minneapolis)
Grawert, Donald (Minneapolis)
Green, Glenn (Minneapolis)
Gregoire, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Gregoire, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Gridley, Richard (Minneapolis)
Grimes, Daniel (Minneapolis)
Grono, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
Gronow, Harold (Minneapolis)
Grossman, Chester (Minneapolis)
Grover, Arnold (Minneapolis)
Grunow, Harold (Minneapolis)
Gudger, James (Minneapolis)
Gudger, James (Minneapolis)
Gullickson, William (Minneapolis)
Gustafson, Robert (Minneapolis)
Gustafson, Robert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Gustke, Russell (Minneapolis)
Gwiazdon, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Haagenson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Hadfield, George (Minneapolis)
Haerle, Rufus (Minneapolis)
Haerle, Rufus (Minneapolis)
Hansen, Harold (Minneapolis)
Hanson, Eugene (Minneapolis)
Harroun, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Heariet, Legens (MINNEAPOLIS)
Hedgpeth, Floyd (MINNEAPOLIS)
Heikinen, Harry (Minneapolis)
Heinbach, Jervis (MINNEAPOLIS)
Hendrickson, Robert (Minneapolis)
Hennebury, Theodore (Minneapolis)
Hertz, George (Minneapolis)
Hines, John (Minneapolis)
Hogan, Arthur (Minneapolis)
Holland, Darrel (Minneapolis)
Hollenbeck, Francis (Minneapolis)
Honmyhr, John (Minneapolis)
Honmyhr, John (Minneapolis)
Hopenspirger, Thomas (Minneapolis)
Hosbek, Arnold (Minneapolis)
Houlihan, Thomas (Minneapolis)
Hovland, Arden (MINNEAPOLIS)
Howard, Robert (Minneapolis)
Howard, Ronald (Minneapolis)
Hoyum, Morris (Minneapolis)
Huhtala, Charles (Minneapolis)
Hummel, William (Minneapolis)
Hunczak, Henry (Minneapolis)
Hurd, Cecil (Minneapolis)
Hydeen, Marvin (Minneapolis)
Irmen, Robert (Minneapolis)
Jackson, Conway (Minneapolis)
Jacobi, Francis (Minneapolis)
Jacobson, Roy (Minneapolis)
Jaffe, Alvin (Minneapolis)
Jaffe, Alvin (Minneapolis)
Jankowski, Robert (Minneapolis)
Jensen, Vernon (MINNEAPOLIS)
Jodell, John (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Harold (MINNEAPOLIS)
Johnson, Harold (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Lester (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Merrill (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Merrill (MINNEAPOLIS)
Johnson, Oscar (Minneapolis)
Johnson, Paul (Minneapolis)
Johnson, William (MINNEAPOLIS)
Johnson, William (Minneapolis)
Jordan, John (Minneapolis)
Joseph, Edward (Minneapolis)
Josephson, Frank (Minneapolis)
Justad, Russell (Minneapolis)
Kaiser, Robert (Minneapolis)
Kangas, Clifford (Minneapolis)
Kasper, Mark (Minneapolis)
Katritses, Aleck (Minneapolis)
Keith, Donald (Minneapolis)
Kelley, Donald (Minneapolis)
Kelley, Donald (Minneapolis)
Kellogg, John (Minneapolis)
Kelly, William (Minneapolis)
Kemper, Norbert (Minneapolis)
Kiesner, Eugene (Minneapolis)
Kingsberg, Orville (MINNEAPOLIS)
Kinkel, Dale (Minneapolis)
Kirks, Donald (Minneapolis)
Kirsch, Lloyd (Minneapolis)
Klossner, Herbert (Minneapolis)
Knudson, Russell (Minneapolis)
Kollar, Paul (Minneapolis)
Kosek, Charles (Minneapolis)
Kristoferson, Howard (Minneapolis)
Kristofferson, Howard (Minneapolis)
Krogh, Kenneth (Minneapolis)
Krueger, John (Minneapolis)
Kudla, Tony (Minneapolis)
Kujawa, Leonard (Minneapolis)
Kummer, Frederick (Minneapolis)
La Clare, Edward (Minneapolis)
La Clare, Edward (Minneapolis)
Ladurini, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Landgren, Kenneth (Minneapolis)
Landy, Jack (Minneapolis)
Lang, John (Minneapolis)
Lang, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
Lang, Robert (Minneapolis)
Langer, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
Langer, Lawrence (Minneapolis)
Larkin, James (Minneapolis)
Larsen, Carl (Minneapolis)
Lawhorn, Charles (MINNEAPOLIS)
Lehto, Arnold (Minneapolis)
Lemieux, Gerald (Minneapolis)
Leonard, Dean (Minneapolis)
Leonard, William (MINNEAPOLIS)
Lester, Julian (Minneapolis)
Lewis, Verle (MINNEAPOLIS)
Lifson, Irving (Minneapolis)
Ligaard, Warren (Minneapolis)
Ligh, Quing (Minneapolis)
Lilja, Roy (Minneapolis)
Lilligren, Hillard (Minneapolis)
Lilligren, James (Minneapolis)
Lind, Bernard (Minneapolis)
Lindahl, Robert (Minneapolis)
Lindberg, Vernon (Minneapolis)
Lindeberg, Omer (Minneapolis)
Linder, Francis (Minneapolis)
Little, Robert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Lourey, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Lourey, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Lourey, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Louricas, Peter (Minneapolis)
Loven, Donald (Minneapolis)
Lowe, Roger (Minneapolis)
Lowe, Roger (Minneapolis)
Luger, Harold (Minneapolis)
Lumovich, Victor (Minneapolis)
Lundberg, Carl (Minneapolis)
Lundquist, Lyle (Minneapolis)
Lundquist, Woodrow (Minneapolis)
Lyons, Leroy (Minneapolis)
Lyons, Martin (Minneapolis)
Mac Donald, Donald (Minneapolis)
Madigan, Edward (Minneapolis)
Madison, Paul (MINNEAPOLIS)
Madsen, Chester (Minneapolis)
Mahlum, Conrad (Minneapolis)
Malkerson, Paul (Minneapolis)
Mannie, Robert (Minneapolis)
Manning, Rodney (Minneapolis)
Mariette, Wayne (MINNEAPOLIS)
Martin, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Maurer, Earl (Minneapolis)
Maurer, Earl (Minneapolis)
Max, Peter (Minneapolis)
Mc Donald, Donald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Mc Gowan, William (Minneapolis)
Mc Namara, Thomas (Minneapolis)
Mccumber, Robert (Minneapolis)
Mccumber, Robert (Minneapolis)
Mcmanus, Harry (MINNEAPOLIS)
Medenwaldt, Dennis (Minneapolis)
Melby, John (Minneapolis)
Merrick, Stanley (Minneapolis)
Meyer, Homer (Minneapolis)
Meyers, Oliver (Minneapolis)
Mickelson, Milo (Minneapolis)
Miller, Joseph (MINNEAPOLIS)
Miller, Norris (Minneapolis)
Mills, Carleton (Minneapolis)
Mitchell, Robert (Minneapolis)
Moir, John (Minneapolis)
Montgomery, Lloyd (Minneapolis)
Moody, Sigurd (Minneapolis)
Moore, Ray (Minneapolis)
Morgan, Kenneth (Minneapolis)
Morris, Hugh (Minneapolis)
Morrison, George (Minneapolis)
Mueller, Ralph (Minneapolis)
Mulheran, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Mulheran, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Mullaney, Donald (Minneapolis)
Murphy, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Myers, Loy (Minneapolis)
Mykkeltvedt, Jerome (MINNEAPOLIS)
Naiditch, Abe (MINNEAPOLIS)
Nastoff, Theodore (Minneapolis)
Needham, Daniel (Minneapolis)
Neilson, Douglas (Minneapolis)
Neilson, Douglas (Minneapolis)
Nelson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Nelson, Donald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Nelson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Nelson, Harold (Minneapolis)
Nelson, Herbert (Minneapolis)
Nelson, James (Minneapolis)
Nelson, Nathan (Minneapolis)
Newcomb, Glen (Minneapolis)
Nisker, Martin (Minneapolis)
Noir, Jo__ (Minneapolis)
Norby, William (MINNEAPOLIS)
Nordness, Donald (Minneapolis)
Nordstrom, Lloyd (Minneapolis)
Nyer, Albert (MINNEAPOLIS)
O'brien, James (Minneapolis)
Ohlsson, Gunnard (Minneapolis)
Oien, Hadley (Minneapolis)
Olds, Clifford (Minneapolis)
Olsen, Clifford (Minneapolis)
Olsen, Leif (Minneapolis)
Olson, Dwight (Minneapolis)
Olson, Jay (Minneapolis)
Olson, Kern (Minneapolis)
Olson, Maurice (Minneapolis)
Olson, Richard (Minneapolis)
Orne, James (Minneapolis)
Owens, Edward (Minneapolis)
Page, Stanley (MINNEAPOLIS)
Palmer, George (Minneapolis)
Pardee, Harry (Minneapolis)
Paris, Alfred (Minneapolis)
Paris, Alfred (Minneapolis)
Parker, Charles (MINNEAPOLIS)
Parker, Donald (Minneapolis)
Pearson, Douglas (Minneapolis)
Pederson, Harold (Minneapolis)
Pelletier, James (Minneapolis)
Penner, Herbert (Minneapolis)
Perrault, Adrian (Minneapolis)
Petersen, Carl (Minneapolis)
Petersen, George (Minneapolis)
Petersen, Howard (Minneapolis)
Peterson, Albert (Minneapolis)
Peterson, Albert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Peterson, Clifford (Minneapolis)
Peterson, Edward (Minneapolis)
Peterson, Ray (Minneapolis)
Petri, Burton (Minneapolis)
Pettibone, Leroy (MINNEAPOLIS)
Pflueger, Robert (Minneapolis)
Phelps, Rollin (Minneapolis)
Phillips, James (Minneapolis)
Polnaszek, Leo (Minneapolis)
Porter, Robert (Minneapolis)
Porter, Robert (Minneapolis)
Porter, Robert (Minneapolis)
Pouliot, Herbert (Minneapolis)
Priess, Wilbur (Minneapolis)
Priess, Wilbur (Minneapolis)
Quigley, James (Minneapolis)
Ramquist, Raymond (MINNEAPOLIS)
Ratelle, A. (Minneapolis)
Raths, Albert (Minneapolis)
Rausch, Karl (Minneapolis)
Reedy, George (Minneapolis)
Reierson, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Rekucki, Frank (Minneapolis)
Rekucki, Frank (Minneapolis)
Reld, Charles (Minneapolis)
Rice, Donald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Richard, Ivan (Minneapolis)
Richman, Ivan (Minneapolis)
Rickord, William (Minneapolis)
Riegger, Donald (Minneapolis)
Rinker, Glenn (MINNEAPOLIS)
Robb, William (Minneapolis)
Robb, William (Minneapolis)
Roberts, John (Minneapolis)
Robins, Richard (Minneapolis)
Robison, Robert (Minneapolis)
Rodengen, Marvin (MINNEAPOLIS)
Roedel, Roger (Minneapolis)
Roedel, Roger (Minneapolis)
Rogers, Jae (Minneapolis)
Rogstad, Eugene (Minneapolis)
Rolek, Joseph (MINNEAPOLIS)
Rosenwasser, Edgar (MINNEAPOLIS)
Rucker, Gale (Minneapolis)
Rudd, Gaylord (Minneapolis)
Rudd, Gaylord (Minneapolis)
Rundquist, Ralph (Minneapolis)
Salt, Terry (Minneapolis)
Sampson, James (Minneapolis)
Sanvik, Lester (Minneapolis)
Sauve, Richard (Minneapolis)
Savage, James (Minneapolis)
Schaper, Robert (Minneapolis)
Schaper, Warren (Minneapolis)
Schoen, George (MINNEAPOLIS)
Schuck, Raymond (Minneapolis)
Schultz, Dexter (Minneapolis)
Schultz, John (Minneapolis)
Schultz, John (Minneapolis)
Schultz, William (Minneapolis)
Schwartz, Douglas (Minneapolis)
Schwartz, Isreal (Minneapolis)
Scott, Dean (Minneapolis)
Shaffer, Warren (Minneapolis)
Shaw, William (Minneapolis)
Sheldon, Gail (Minneapolis)
Shepherd, Marvin (Minneapolis)
Shields, Richard (Minneapolis)
Sierek, Harry (Minneapolis)
Sierk, Harry (Minneapolis)
Sievertson, Stanley (Minneapolis)
Silverman, Martin (Minneapolis)
Sirany, George (Minneapolis)
Sirany, George (MINNEAPOLIS)
Skahen, Vance (Minneapolis)
Skanse, Peter (Minneapolis)
Skinner, Harold (Minneapolis)
Skinner, Mark (Minneapolis)
Skow, Merlin (Minneapolis)
Slanika, Raymond (MINNEAPOLIS)
Smith, Blair (Minneapolis)
Smith, Blair (Minneapolis)
Smith, Robert (Minneapolis)
Snyder, Benjamin (MINNEAPOLIS)
Soderberg, Warren (Minneapolis)
Soderlund, John (Minneapolis)
Sokol, Lester (Minneapolis)
Solum, Darryl (Minneapolis)
Sparby, Clifford (MINNEAPOLIS)
Speier, Charles (Minneapolis)
Spellacy, Ibar (Minneapolis)
Stangl, Fred (Minneapolis)
Stein, William (Minneapolis)
Stenberg, Robart (Minneapolis)
Stephenson, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Stinchfield, John (Minneapolis)
Stocco, James (Minneapolis)
Stoffel, Glenn (Minneapolis)
Stoltman, Bernard (Minneapolis)
Strege, Walter (Minneapolis)
Strot, Lloyd (Minneapolis)
Struthers, James (Minneapolis)
Sullivan, John (Minneapolis)
Sullwold, Myron (Minneapolis)
Sullwold, Myron (Minneapolis)
Swanell, Edward (Minneapolis)
Swanell, Edward (Minneapolis)
Swanson, Carl (Minneapolis)
Swanson, Donald (Minneapolis)
Swanson, Robert (Minneapolis)
Swanson, Robert (Minneapolis)
Swartz, Glen (MINNEAPOLIS)
Tangen, Vernon (MINNEAPOLIS)
Tangen, Vernon (MINNEAPOLIS)
Taylor, Charles (Minneapolis)
Taylor, Charles (MINNEAPOLIS)
Taylor, James (Minneapolis)
Theimer, Richard (Minneapolis)
Theiner, Richard (Minneapolis)
Thiele, Paul (MINNEAPOLIS)
Thies, Robert (Minneapolis)
Thim_esch, Hyacinth (Minneapolis)
Tho_berg, Carl (Minneapolis)
Thomas, Stanley (Minneapolis)
Thompson, Jack (MINNEAPOLIS)
Thompson, Stanley (Minneapolis)
Thomsen, Paul (Minneapolis)
Thoreson, Robert (Minneapolis)
Thul_en, Donald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Thulsen, Donald (MINNEAPOLIS)
Tornes, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Tournat, Robert (MINNEAPOLIS)
Tuel, William (Minneapolis)
Ustruck, James (Minneapolis)
Van Duzee, Frederic (Minneapolis)
Van Duzee, Frederick (Minneapolis)
Van Leuvan, Harry (MINNEAPOLIS)
Van Leuven, Harry (Minneapolis)
Van Wirt, Wallace (MINNEAPOLIS)
Vandenover, John (Minneapolis)
Wadlund, Douglas (Minneapolis)
Waggoner, Sharon (Minneapolis)
Walker, William (Minneapolis)
Warner, Henry (Minneapolis)
Watkins, Howard (Minneapolis)
Watson, Harold (Minneapolis)
Watten, Norman (Minneapolis)
Weatherman, Robert (Minneapolis)
Webber, Donald (Minneapolis)
Weekes, Ariel (Minneapolis)
Weimer, Ensley (Minneapolis)
Wendell, Clifford (Minneapolis)
Wendling, Gordon (Minneapolis)
Wescott, Wells (Minneapolis)
Weston, Leo (Minneapolis)
Whitten, Theodore (Minneapolis)
Widdowson, Don (Minneapolis)
Wiederhold, Joseph (Minneapolis)
Williams, William (Minneapolis)
Winterer, Robert (Minneapolis)
Wohl, Robert (Minneapolis)
Wolfe, Richard (Minneapolis)
Wood, Louis (Minneapolis)
Wright, William (Minneapolis)
Yates, Leonard (Minneapolis)
Yattaw, Edwin (Minneapolis)
Yoerks, Richard (Minneapolis)
Young, Leon (Minneapolis)
Young, Robert (Minneapolis)
Dahlheimer, Wilbur (MONTICELLO)
St Peter, Donald (Monticello)
Swanberg, Fritiof (Monticello)
Krause, Lloyd (Waconia)
Carlson, John (Watertown)
Cornell, Donald (Watertown)
Mars, Lawrence (Watertown)
Schrupp, Elwin (Young America)

Servicemen From Carver County: 639

The Army Air Corps Library and Museum project is the transcription and creation of extracts from official U.S. military documents. This page quantifies the number of military servicemen personnel that enlisted in World War II in Carver County Minnesota.. The results are grouped by County sorted by city and the name of each serviceman. County grouping is a method of consolidating research and collating data that is typical of history recordings and genealogical research. We have published this data on a variety of websites organized by the overseas combat unit where the serviceman served.

Genealogist Research Tools: If you are searching for ancestors or the history of a county, this database of military personnel records and factoids will aid your research. If you have a list, spreadsheet, database of Carver County veterans that you would share for this database, please Contact Us.

Interested in volunteering? We are looking for more assistance in this data extraction-transcription. Please Contact Us if you would like to help!


Do you have items such as papers, photos, uniforms, gear and other artifacts? We would be interested; please Contact Us

Volunteers Needed

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Servicemen Data

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